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Quite simply if you want an amazing experience holiday, that you will remember for the rest of your life, then we are the people to go with.


•         Clive or Anne Arnold are your personal guideson each Safari. They have many years of guiding experience and have intimate knowledge and unusual stories of Africa, its Wildlife, History and People; which gives you plenty to talk about at the waterhole.

•         Small groups, of maximum 10 people in South Africa and 12people in East Africa, allow each Safari to be more personal and hands on.

•         Our Excellent Local Guides/ Driversspeak all the local languages and have in-depth and up to date knowledge of the Customs, History and most importantly Africas Fauna and Flora. The staff are all passionate people who love to incorporate a bit of fun and humour to each safari and are always striving to organise the best behind the scenes activities.

•         Unique accommodationand ever friendly staff make each stay more memorable.

•         Spacious customised vehiclesallow for better comfort, safety, wildlife viewing and access to hard to reach locations.

•         We incorporate hands on experienceswith rehabilitated wildlife and behind the scenes information on the conservation and rehabilitation techniques used. If you are lucky you may even be able to assist us during a wildlife relocation project.

•         We go off the beaten trackto maximize your exposure to the wildlife whilst minimizing contact with other vehicles throughout the day. Our aim is to allow you to see the real untamed Africa at its best with the least amount of disruption.

•         Each Safari allows you to meet and learn from the local tribes; experience their dances and customs; and have the option to purchase their unique local merchandise at local prices.

•         We're involved with many projectsthroughout Africa. Most recently dealing with the locals to build schools and rehabilitate and conserve local wildlife. Some of the proceeds from each safari goes towards these various projects.

•         All of our Safaris are able to be customizedto unique packages for small or large groups. Some of these include Corporate or Religious groups, Rotary clubs, Sports teams etc.  These can be focused around a large range of activities namely Wildlife, Golfing, Fishing, Farming or Family Safaris.

 We pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients safari experiences that we see as the best parts of Africa. Were always striving to do things that only a limited amount of people are able to do and, in so doing, to give each client the Authentic African experience of a lifetime.


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