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As more countries increase their tourism industries, it significantly impacts on the natural resources, eco systems and communities. Our tours focus on making a positive impact on the environment, society and economy in the countries that we travel to. We support local communities, and build environmental and cultural awareness while you travel with us.

The children that we support are primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our aim is to show all generations the beauty of Africa’s flora and fauna, and to teach everyone about the importance of maintaining it for the future. We support the local economy by utilising local drivers and guides, visiting, local villages, schools, locally owned shops, restaurants, markets and accommodations where possible.

As we only take small groups, we ensure that our travel has a low impact on the environment.  All our tours include visits to National Parks which charge a conservation fee and in some cases a large portion of the entrance fee is given to the local community. In consistently supporting these National Parks throughout Southern and East Africa, we help to further the conservation projects.